Our Counsellors

In addition to treatment and therapy with psychologists, we offer counselling with counsellors whose areas of expertise involve relationships and couple therapy.

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Cristina Wildt
  • Relationships
  • Couples therapy
  • Migration and relocation
  • Life change, loss
  • Meaning, purpose and self worth

  Rhiannon Derrig
  • Relationsips
  • Couple therapy
  • Sexual issues
  • Self worth, identity
  • Adversity and trauma

Counsellors do not necessarily hold psychology degrees and are not trained to treat diagnosable conditions such as major depression or anxiety disorders. Their skills involve helping people to achieve change, navigate life challenges and heal from difficulty and distress. Counsellors may draw upon different training backgrounds, depending on their area of practice.

Our counsellors possess particular interest and expertise in relationships and couple therapy. In addition to knowledge and skill in counselling, all of our counsellors are supervised by experienced clinical psychologists, and are equipped to recommend treatment or therapy with a clinical psychologist for mental health conditions if required.

Please note that unlike treatment for mental health conditions under Medicare Care Plans, therapy with counsellors does not attract Medicare rebates.

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