Dr Nasreen Yasin

Nasreen holds multiple post-graduate degrees in psychology spanning a PhD in Psychology, which focussed on childhood sexual abuse and its impact on adult relationships, a Master degree in Clinical Psychology, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, focussed on couples and family therapy, and post-graduate degrees in Applied Psychology and Rehabilitation Psychology. Nasreen has received multiple academic awards as well as awards for her community contributions.

Key areas of interest and expertise for Nasreen include relationships, couples therapy, LGBT related issues, childhood abuse and trauma, cross-cultural issues, migration and relocation, depression and mood difficulties including bipolar disorder, various anxiety disorders including social anxiety, OCD, issues around shyness and assertiveness, emotional regulation, impulse control and substance abuse issues, and difficulties coping with life challenges.

In her therapy with couples, Nasreen takes a systemic approach, and works within an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) framework. This approach is based on principles of human attachment and bonding. It recognises that couples often seek help as they struggle to navigate their own and each other's emotions. As a result, couples' relationships often suffer from misunderstandings and conflict, creating distance and ruptures between partners. Within a safe and respectful therapeutic environment, Nasreen helps couples understand and effectively communicate their vulnerable emotions to each other, and rekindle closeness.

Nasreen also works with individuals to address their relationship issues, whether with partners, family, colleagues and/or friends. Further, she helps clients build resilience to face life challenges, such as depression, anxiety, shyness, lack of assertiveness, burn-out, impulse control, and substance abuse issues.

Nasreen regularly works with clients from culturally and linguistically diverse communities who may have issues around migration and relocation. She believes in a client-focused approach and uses Schema-focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help clients understand and change their unique and enduring life patterns, enhancing their overall confidence and life satisfaction.

As well as couples therapy and other life challenges, Nasreen has particular interest in LGBT issues. She enjoys volunteering as a group facilitator with Twenty10, formerly the Gay & Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW, a role that she has held for the last five years. Nasreen's recent research investigated mental health issues experienced by members of the non-heterosexual community due to discrimination. She found that higher levels of of heterosexist harassment were associated with poorer mental health, wellbeing and coping, and pinpointed important psychological buffers against the effects of discrimination. Informed by this research, Nasreen helps her clients from the LGBT community to build resilience and confidence using various coping strategies while facing life challenges.

Nasreen is trained and experienced in a range of therapy modalities, including Schema Therapy, CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and the integration of neuroscience and therapy (neuropsychotherapy). Her breadth of therapeutic approaches equips her to be flexible and attuned to the diverse needs of her clients. She creates a therapeutic alliance in which her clients appreciate her warm, respectful, and trustworthy nature. Nasreen seeks to make her sessions warm and enjoyable with a touch of humour.

In addition to therapeutic work in both public and private clinics, for the last 15 years Nasreen has lectured and tutored in the psychology department at Macquarie University. She has conducted and supervised numerous research projects and presented her studies at national and international conferences. Subjects that she enjoys teaching are Psychopathology, Personality & Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Child Abuse & Neglect, Cross-Cultural Psychology, Organisational Behaviour, and the Psychology of Human Relationships. In recognition of her passion and dedication as a teacher, Nasreen received the Macquarie University Vice-Chancellor's Citation for the Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning.

Nasreen is fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, and is a member of International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, and the Australian Psychological Society.

Phone: Sydney (02) 9331 0756
e-mail: [email protected]
Address: Suite 1014, 185 Elizabeth St Sydney