Relationship breakdown

The breakdown of a significant relationship can be one of the most difficult experiences in a person's life. It can bring about intense and overwhelmingly painful emotions from grief and sadness to anger, guilt, fear, shame, emptiness, and a sense of having lost meaning and direction. The emotions that people experience after a relationship breakup depend largely on what the relationship, and its end, means to them. While coming to terms with the end of a relationship, it is common to experience difficulty thinking of anything else. It is also common to burst into tears readily, to have diffiuclty enjoying things, to struggle to concentrate, to experience broken sleep, and to have difficulty performing your usual activities.

After a relationship ends, people often find themselves wanting to make sense of the relationship, its reasons for ending, and their own thoughts and feelings about it. A psychologist can help you to find your way through the emotions that a relationship breakup generates, in a nonjudgemental forum where you are free to air your thoughts and feelings openly. A psychologist can also provide support and care at a time when you may be feeling isolated and struggling to cope. Another role that a psychologist can play is to help you to make constructive sense of your relationship, its end, and the implications for you and your life. This helps you to eventually rebuild your strength, and move forward having learned and evolved, with a greater investment in your life and yourself.

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